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High School Synthetic Turf 
  • October 21, 2010 – (see images and description below)

Work completed to date:

  • Temporary access road and bridge installed
  • Existing topsoil removed
  • New sub-base installed, compacted and tested
  • Installation of perimeter drainage completed
  • Three (3) electrical conduit lines for future use installed
  • Elevate all catch basins and tie-in/complete drainage
  • Establishment of subgrade
  • Paving of the asphalt D-area behind the North endzone
  • Geotextile fabric and flat panel drains installed on top of subgrade
  • Import and establish grade of stone base
  • The field turf panels have been fully installed
  • Sewing of inlaid sports lines and yard marker numbers has begun
  • Asphalt rubber surfacing of D-area and perimeter trench drain is complete
  • Painting of "CLIPPER PRIDE" in the rubber/asphalt D-area complete