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The Portsmouth Middle School Renovations project is a multifaceted project that addresses some long standing issues with regard to the educational environment, technology, and energy efficiency. This project is broken down into three basic major projects
Portsmouth Middle School – Additions/Renovations/Demolition
Synthetic Turf Installation at Portsmouth High School
Granite Street Softball Field and Concession Stand

Synthetic Turf Installation @ Portsmouth High School –The NH Department of Education's waiver on minimum site size for the project is contingent upon providing a regulation field to support athletics for PMS students. With the shortage of available field space in the city, the only field available for PMS athletics was the already overused Portsmouth High School field. The NH DOE also granted a waiver allowing the installation of synthetic turf to accommodate the additional field usage. The waivers were necessary to receive state building aid for the project.  During the summer of 2010 Gilbane will be overseeing the installation of a new Synthetic Turf surface at the existing Portsmouth High School. This project will involve the removal of existing soils, new drainage, a new compacted sub-base, football goal posts, and synthetic turf playing surface.

Granite Street Softball Field and Concession Stand – Commencing the summer of 2010 will be the building of a new regulation softball field, concession stand, playing lights, parking, associated fencing, and walkways. The demolition of the existing Wentworth School will be the first order of business in order to make room for the new construction.

Portsmouth Middle School Project. – Commencing the in the spring of 2011 and completing for the fall semester of 2013 will be the Portsmouth Middle School Project. The project is multi-faceted involving construction of a new addition to house the 7th and 8th grade programs, new gymnasium, kitchen, and central boiler plant. The existing 1930’s portion of the building will be entirely renovated to eventually house the 6th grade programs, tech ed, music, administration, nurse, and other specialty class environments. Lastly the existing 1970’s addition will be removed to make way for the new band, chorus, and student commons area, a multi-purpose space for the students and community. 

Because the school will remain in full operation throughout the course of this project, all construction work will be phased. Throughout the planning of this project the key factor and primary focus in determining how to phase the work, has been insuring that the students' education is not negatively impacted in any way. There have been several meetings between the faculty, staff, administration, owner project manager, architect, and construction manager to insure that the phasing plan meets everyone's needs and addresses the concerns of disrupting the learning process.

After much discussion, a phasing plan was developed that meets the needs of the school while allowing the construction team to work in a sensible and cost-effective manner. One key aspect of this phasing plan includes the ability to utilize existing building space, schedule the moving of students and staff during summer breaks and vacation weeks, and when ever possible relocating students and their staff one time to their permanent location. Underlying all this was the need to maintain the safety of the students and staff through maintaining egress and access to the building throughout each phase and maintaining hard barriers, and separate construction entry points to that of the students. There is no situation where construction operations need to impact occupied spaces during the school day.

An Indoor Air Quality Plan (IAQ plan) has been developed to insure that construction dust and debris does not migrate into the occupied areas of the building. This plan requires the construction of fully secured and airtight walls between the occupied and construction areas. Also, negative pressure fans will keep the construction areas from pushing dust into the occupied spaces.